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Coffee facts - a quick history lesson!

sidama ethiopia coffee beans

It is probably common knowledge that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia. 
The ‘red’ cherries which the sheep ate and become very active were taken home and tasted and what was known as the devil’s fruit become coffee as the world knows it today. However, this is just one of the stories which revolve around the history of coffee. Another tale which has been around for some time involves an Arabian who use coffee beans to survive an exile and was discovered near the town of Mocha and thus we also refer to coffee as Mocha. As you will read on, there are more to these interesting coffee facts.

Coffee remained in Arabia for quite some time and was a secret which Arabians were not keen to share with outsiders. India was one of the first few countries outside Arabia to get a taste of coffee and then there was no holding back the growth and popularity of this drink. There is a lot of history which revolves around coffee and many legends which exist which help in creating a mystique for the beverage. Famous luminaries seem to have had some kind of brush with the drink and it is said that The Boston Tea Party, so well known for throwing away boxes of tea, considered coffee drinking a patriotic act!

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Happy drinking!

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